Your Ideal Pens for Office Use

A large bulk of office work still rely on pen and paper. Notedian, one of the lead suppliers of office supplies, believes fountain pens remain indispensable in every office setting. The computer can do some of the tasks such as data management. But, many of the clerical work still depend on you and your penmanship. Here are some of the best writing tools for everyday office use.

Fountain Pens

Buying luxury fountain pen online is definitely an investment. Fountain pens capture enthusiasts with a penchant for luxury. Writing the old-fashion way is elegant. Aficionados would attest that writing with a fountain pen is a whole new dimension. As loved pens over the common ballpoints, written documents in fountain pen offer a new level of sophistication and, thus, value to the document. Imagine signing an important contract with Bic ballpoint versus a gold-nibbed Lamy or Pilot falcon pen. The fountain pens not only make perfect imprints of your signature on important documents. These treasured items also add a feel of professionalism and respectability to your handwriting. Despite the winds of change, these classics are here to stay.

Rollerball Pens

Rollerball pens write like fountain pens — smooth and elegant. The next time you buy fountain pen ink online, include a set of these pens. These pens are fueled by water-based ink that create bold, vivid writings on paper without unnecessary pressure. The rollerball pens are excellent to write on high-quality paper. Writing prolonged writings such as writing journals and business notes becomes effortless with rollerball pens.

Ballpoint Pens

Ballpoint pens are not exactly the ideal pens for writing on Clairefontaine Notebooks. There is a reason why these pens are commonly used and stocked in offices. They are cheap and reliable. It is a good choice for writing because the oil-based ink ordinarily does not blot or smudge. It also does not blot on thin paper so you can use the front and back sides. However, you have to apply pressure when writing with ballpoint pens because the oil-based ink does not easily adhere to paper.

Felt-tip pens

Online shops such as Notedian offer a range of elegant and affordable fountain pens. But the personal favorite has its limitations in doing office work. Felt-tip pens remain the steadfast ally of offices in making markings and whiteboard notes. Notes and presentations are now in digital presentations. However, there is nothing like making a point by writing it in bold in a board. These felt-tip pens with alcohol-based inks are also ideal for making notes on your post-its.

Gel Pens

Gel pens are reminiscent of school days when you write personal notes in a variety of colors and even glitters. These pens with ballpoints and gel inks are a balance between the ballpoint and the rollerball. They write smooth lines which quickly dry and stubbornly fade. These lovable pens, however, have short life span. With further use, the ink clumps and creates skip or broken lines. The variety of colors make perfect markings such as indexes and corrections. They are also ideal pens for art projects.

For smooth, effortless and hassle-free writing with practicality or luxury, visit Notedian at You can shop for a variety of your office supplies online through the website.

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