Why Choose Wristbands to Raise Funds for a Cause

Coming up with great ideas for a fundraiser is critical to the success of your cause. The best ones are those that enable you to spread the message about the cause you are pushing in a creative manner. One example is to custom print t-shirt designs that carry the message of the campaign you are advocating. But if you want a subtle but impactful approach, you can try using Australia wristband and bracelet for your next fundraising event.

Why Wristbands?

As mentioned above, there was a time wherein charity event organizers would print custom t-shirt designs. The shirt design can be in the form of a logo or message that relates to your charity fundraiser. You can hit two birds with one stone: 1) you can earn money and 2) you can spread the message about your cause.

But if you want to convince more people to support your fundraiser, you need to come up with something more creative and unique. This is where custom made wristbands come into the picture. You can find a supplier of Australia wristband and come up with your own designs or texts. You can sell them to generate the funds you need for the specific cause you are promoting.

One example of how wristbands were used for a cause is through Lance Armstrong Foundation’s Live Strong campaign. They embossed the words “Live Strong” to yellow wristbands. This is a subtle way to spread the message of the campaign and also an effective way to generate funds. Due to the simplicity of the design, you do not have to hire a graphic designer to create the design for you, which saves you money. The range of Australia wristband suppliers can also provide you with good prices on wristbands if you buy them in bulk. Wristbands are generally cheap; hence, it is easy to buy and sell them to maximize profits margin. Check out at Wristband Monkey

Customize Wristbands

In addition to the fact that wristbands are cheap and fashionable, there are limitless possibilities in terms of creating custom designs. This makes promotional wristbands a great option for easy fundraising ideas because it is easy to come up with a design concept. Using the Lance Armstrong Foundation as an example again, embossing the slogan or catch-phrase of your campaign is a good idea. You can also try embossing logos or custom names of the owner, or opt for color-coded wristbands to push the campaign forward (and raise funds at the same time).

Another example would be for breast cancer wristband campaigns. It is typical to find pink bracelets or wristbands used for a similar campaign for breast cancer awareness. The specific design details matter but since the original campaign for breast cancer awareness was launched, pink has become associated with this campaign. Therefore, opting for the color pink will give your campaign efforts more impact.

Wristbands provide you with customizable, cheap and creative platforms for spreading the word about your campaign. Whether you want to promote your business or raise funds for a cause, you can achieve both using wristbands. You can get more ideas to inspire your next fundraising campaign at https://wristbandmonkey.com.au/

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