What to Consider When Purchasing Fountain Pens

Why Fountain Pens Have Retained their Allure

The computer era is right here with mankind. It may have lessened writing but it certainly cannot replace the use of pen and paper completely. People type more as opposed to writing on paper, but there are instances when using a fountain pen on a notepad is the most ideal thing to do. In brief, the idea of pen and paper is here to stay for as long as office or school work still exists. When shopping for the best fountain pen and notepad, find out if Notedian has the type of pen and notebook that suits needs.

The market is presently awash with numerous pens. While everyone loves a given type, the fountain holds a certain allure that its lovers and even admirers cannot resist. They come in various shapes, sizes and designs. Before purchasing the most ideal pen, take a look at the latest Notedian stock to see what is on offer currently.

Choosing a fountain pen can be a tricky affair for an individual who wishes to buy them for the first time. These are points to help a fountain pen user make a perfect choice…

Tips for Choosing a Suitable Fountain Pen

  • Type of Nib – The writing outcome on paper is hugely determined by the nib. A writer therefore decides if the fine or broad nib should do. An individual with smaller handwritings may do well with a fountain pen that has a broader nib to highlight the writings. Although of course this also depends on whether the writings are to be read by someone else or the writer. People with bigger writings could do well with smaller nibs to reduce the size of writings. A fountain pen enthusiast could have a glimpse of the Notedian nib types available at the moment.
  • Shape of Nib – Nibs come in various shapes. The most popular is the round shape which creates similar line width in all directions. It acts like a regular pen. The Italic nib is common too. It creates large vertical strokes and narrow horizontal strokes. Someone trying fountain pens for the first time could check out if the Notedian round shape offers are suitable for all writing needs.
  • Ink Cartridge – Most fountain pens use ink cartridges. Different people need varying cartridge sizes depending on the amount of writing done each day. There are standardized and regular cartridges. The advantage of using standard ink cartridges is the ability to interchange between brands as in they can use ink from varying brands unlike others that only entertain ink from same brand.
  • Filling System of Ink – A built-in filling system is easy to use because the pen can be filled straight from the bottle. Since they have no cartridges, one needs to have a bottle on standby for refill. Depending on urgency of work, one should buy fountain pens with larger ink filling systems to avoid having to refill frequently.
  • Design of Body – Although the design of body does not influence how it writes or quality of work, it still matters to have it in consideration before purchase. The best fountain pens should be able to look attractive, be convenient to use and match a person’s status.

Fountain pens are still a force to reckon with. When purchasing, have all the mentioned factors in mind to be in possession of a pen that will guarantee quality.

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